When Smartphones Attack: Man Bloodied by Exploding Droid 2



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I think we need to wait and see what comes of the investigation. It could be that it was faulty. It could also be that maybe he tampered with it? I know some people can root their devices and try to overclock them. if they do find that he rooted his device, then I say at that point, all bets are off because once you do that, your warranty is null and void.

But, I'll wait and see what the investigation finds out.




Glass can and will shatter if there's a significant thermal change, or if the glass is already fatigued / stressed / poorly tempered with a mild thermal change...

I was driving home via our usual route one day with my wife in the passenger seat, it was a hot day, and I had the AC cranked up.  It was an older car (15 years), and suddenly there was a very loud "POP!", and next thing we knew the passenger side window's glass was all over the place.   The glass was on the seat, on my wife, on the floor, everywhere.


This is the same reason you often end up with shattered glasses in a dishwasher, anyone working at a restaurant can attest to this.  The thermal stress builds over time until the glass breaks.


Now, seeing as how it was a Droid 2, I doubt this was due to fatigue stress, but likewise if the glass was improperly tempered, or there was something else stressing the glass (bad fit with the frame, for instance) then yeah, this could happen.

His own words elude to a thermal change "I went into the house" which implies he was outdoors when it broke.   If he was out in the cold air, that would be one thermal change to cold when he stepped outside from the warm indoor air.   Then he holds it with his hand against his ear to talk, both his hand and ear are warm, a 2nd thermal change.

Stressed or poorly tempered glass + 2 rapid thermal changes = "POP!"



What he left out was the fact that his younger brother ran up and punched him in the ear for eating his last chocolate cupcake, coincidentally the phone and his hand were in the way...  



My theory is he busted his new phone two days after he bought it (without the insurance) so he hurt his ear on purpose somehow to get a new phone, possibly a lawsuit, and a chance to say ve-hick-le on TV.

Paul, use every journalistic power you have to keep on top of this story and see how it turns out!



What a ****ing liar I think he just wants to get money I have that phone nothing happened to me I hate people like this!



The only thing I could envision exploding in a cell phone is the battery? Like the exploding iPod Nano batteries incident in Japan. 



NO WAY. This guy has BS lawsuit written all over him.



boo-erns to using Hulu!

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