When is Fermi Coming?



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I really think nvidia is blowing smoke to everyone in this case.  ATI yields the with 40nm chips for both the 5870 and 5970 have not been stellar.  Nvidia is behind the curve in this matter because they are late in shrinking their chips.  Jen Hsu is stalling for time.  ATI bit the bullet 19 months ago and gave up the performance crown to nvidia on the caveat that they saw the power level and heat wall coming.  So instead of huge beefy hot chips they had to look at smaller chips for reasonable performance.  It was a gamble but it paid off.  Jen Hsu forgot his core audience in video card gaming in his quest to take on Intel.  Time will tell, but my gut tells me this will be a disaster for Nvidia.  They have to make money from this chip and the only way to do that is higher yields.  ATI is way ahead in this matter in their order placement to TSMC.   I just don't think Nvidia can catch up for the same power requirements and heat.



Time will tell, but he's bluffing...




I predict that this horrid saga will play out something like this:

1.  The reviewers that have the cards will be glowing in their praise, based on the three benchmarks "recommended for review" by Nvidia; i.e., those that sucked up to Nvidia.  The other 17 benchmarks, unmentioned, will have the 480/470 "sucking bigtime" in comparison to merely a 5870.  One of the "winning" benchmarks will be Unigen, all 5 seconds that show Fermi "beating" a 5870.

2.  A few days later the real reviewers (those that we believe) will present their finding, which will show Fermi sucking big time all over, begging the question, "And you waited for this turkey?".

3.   The only Fermi's that will be available at retail will be the detuned ones that weren't those that were reviewed (pick of the "puppy" litter top bins).  Double suck, and purchasers hosed thoroughly.

4.  With about 8,000 Fermis (all variations) available world-wide, most going to populate the (much) higher priced Tesla, etc space, even fewer Fermis positioned as retail graphics cards will be available.  Get your order in quickly for Smithsonian-approved "one-of-a-kind" hallmarks.

5.  Notwithstanding anything Nvidia postulates about MSRP, the AIBs and retail outlets will set ghastly prices for the Fermis, in keeping with their Smithsonian Collector's Item status.

6.  Even then, supplies will likely not be available to be in mere mortal hands until nearly mid-APril, at which time Fermi will be sold out/backordered everywhere.  What do you think all those empty boxes were for?

7.  Nvidia chumps, a.k.a. fanbouis/gals, will soon find that being proud possessors of a Fermi will guarantee status as "an early adopter" (arrows in the back), non-bragging rights (hard to brag online when Fermi crisps up or drivers fail), and also confirmed status as a mark.  Not that any of them would actually want to "brag" about pitiful scores or value per dollar when it comes to Fermi.

8.  Shortly after launch, Nvidia Fanbois/gals will raise the cry, "But just wait until Fermi 2".

9.  Investors will finally concede that enough is enough, and will bail on the company/stock, just as have honest websites and analysts that follow the company.  After all, what's left for a company whose only marketing thrust is avid promotion of three wood screws and a "mockup"?

10.  Countless millions of articles will be written about, "Nvidia, how did it go so horribly wrong?", and, "Distorted Reality --- a Harvard Business Case Study Classic about Nvidia, its CEO (stock bailer, recently), and its boat anchor named Fermi".



Who's going to pay a hefty price for a few more percent increase in performance. Nvidia ur losing us with all these claims and still no real benchmark. Stop trying to take on Intel and worry about your own product "If you build it, they will come" is not going to work.



Will the release of Fermi cards decrease GPU prices?



Why do I suspect that the ATI 5000 series sent nvidia back to the drawing board to make revisions to boost performance and hence the delays?



 My buddy at work was so pumped about Fermi that he went ahead and sold the BFG 9600 GT in his rig (his only graphics processor in it mind you) to another workmate. Yeah. He hasn't used his PC in something like 3 months. And the wait continues...






It will come in Smarch 2010. 

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I'm so sick of hearing about Fermi... The article about it's architecture was interesting, and when we finally get to see some benchmarks that will be interesting,  but all this fluff and hype along the way has been so annoying. I'm tired of seeing headlines about it's delay, or it's expected price, or how amazing it might be. Maybe it's a slow news day... but come on, stop reporting about Fermi.



 It got your attention didn't it? So it worked in starting up talks again.


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How hard is it for them to ship one of those cards from China to the U.S. for some independent benchmarking?




  If Fermi was a great card, NVidia would have certainly "leaked" out some real world benchmarks instead of just the lame "Heaven" one. So these cards ARE ALREADY BEEN TESTED AND BENCHMARKED by dozens of people, It's just they are not able to offically report it due to non disclosure agreements.

 I am sure MPC has one in their hands already, right guys?




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Fermi is coming about as fast as your book is! (Ha!)




Cause you know i'm just wait on a few art pieces and the cover to be finished. June seems about right. 

Coming soon to Lulu.com --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



For how many times we have seen him lift that card up, you would think his biceps would be bigger by now ;p

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