When Competition Threatens, Try Throwing a Tantrum



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I live in a rural area served by a local telephone coop.  The town is about 600 people.  I pay about $80 for fiber internet access.  For that I get about 20mbs download and 5mps upload.  They first used fiber about 20 years ago to connect to a neighboring town.  About 18 years ago, they started putting copper wires in conduit.  About 4 years ago, they started putting fiber to the home.  Obviously, 50mps download is better, but I sort of figure that when there is a demand for it, the speed will go up.  I guess it could go all the way up to 100mbs without a really big hardware problem.

I have a static ip.  I can run servers ( though I use hosted dedicated servers in dallas and san deigo.  I have no bandwith cap.

Their url is smt-net.com, but it is mainly a brochure site.

Somehow I think if the telephone company was a big for-profit concern, I would get fibre approximately never.

I used to live near Tacoma Wa.  Thiis might be the second or third largest city in the state.  The local city owned utility put in internet and cable service years ago.  The incumbent did not like it at all.  Where they refused to upgrade their infrastructure before this, when the city came in, they spend a lot of money on infrastructure.  

The city always planned to service the surrounding area, but this is going slow.  The problem is when the city goes into a new area, they get lots of customers, but  the incumbent comes along behind with lots of short term deals and takes the customers away.

So do your own take.  My take is free enterprise ideology is junk.  Capitalism can do very well in introducing new tech into the productive process, but let them run wild and you get a quadrillion dollars of derivative debt, all on someones books as assets.  These are about as good assets as a mortgage on a burned down house.  And all these assets demand payment, out of your skin.




Speaking from inside knowledge of TDS, they could give a frak about delivering services the public would want.  Their sole interest is in maintaining a competition-free monopolistic environment so they can continue to overcharge and under-deliver on services, like most moderately sized ILEC telcos.


Xander: "Ugh, OK, you know what? I think we need to zap our PRAM... with a cup of joe."



Doesn't seem too much like socialism to me...looks like it got a monopolistic corporation to finally act in a way that benefited consumers more than it's own bottom line.

Looks like I'll be linking this story to some friends... 



I would have taken the telco to court in an attempt to force them to install fiber, If I lost I would use that case to build my own system on block them from building their own. Its time we teach these companies a lesson. They are here to serve the people, not monopolize our utilities and force us to bend to their will.



If they had taken the telco to court and won, then the residents would have almost surely be paying more. At the very least there would have been one more fee attached to thier bill to "cover costs and blah, blah, blah."



I'm on a 1.5Mb service and my dad is on a 256k.



I think the above news post should be entirely focused on the fact that a city (town?) of about fifteen thousand people HAS TWO FRIGGIN' FIBER OPTIC NETWORKS!!!!!!!!, while most of America doesn't even have one!!!!!  That's the real story here.



So the fishy smell was coming from whomever didn't do their research.  It could get even stinkier if the article was written in bad faith. Conspiracy theorists, I await your responses. 



The city of Monticello briefly halted plans, but only because they wished to wait for the outcome of the bond sale, not because of the lawsuit. They were working on their fiber optic system, of which the backbone was completed in October of 2008, entirely unhindered by the lawsuit.  Now the city has two competeing fiber optic systems in place. I got my information from Monticello's own website here:  http://www.fibernetmonticello.com/aboutus.cfm which includes a .pdf link that explains how FibernetMonticello came into being here: http://www.fibernetmonticello.com/PDF/HISTORY%20OF%20FIBERNET%20MONTICELLO.pdf



If the city of Monticello was in the right, why didn't they push ahead with their fiber optic system despite the on going court battle? And if they really were legally prevented from building a system, why didn't they counter-sue to prevent TDS from building their own network until this thing was finally settled in court? Something smells fishy in Monticello.



When reading the article, I figured that the end result was what  the residents wanted anyway. They just forced TDS to do what they wanted.

Honestly, I am about to try this with Verizon at this point. I get advertisements for "Demand FiOS!", and I do, but am told that we will get it in the "near future." Never.



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bi old grats thats the way to kick them in the balls 



Way to go, Monticello!  And thanks for the template!



It's a pretty sad day when the telcos feel the need to sue a town that wants to provide a service the telcos just won't offer.  We need reform very badly to take down such monopolies that only hurt the consumer.



"Monticello are poopy heads"

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Yet another example of that uniquely Duhmerican't form of capitalism. 

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