What's Your Upgrade Experience to Windows 7 SP1 Been Like?



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Windows 7 Pro 64 upgraded to SP1 without any issues. :)



I've done 4 PCs with no problems.



Upgraded 2 64 bit machines without trouble. On my gaming machine I had to delete a couple of Steam games from my ssd hdd because sp1 needs a lot of disc space for install.



I've installed SP1 on four systems at home: three home built desktops and one laptop.

No issues as of yet. At first I could not install on one of the desktops, but after rebooting it installed just fine.

Two of these systems are 32 bit and two are 64 bit.

At work 2008 R2 SP1 has installed fine on the few systems we've tested on, but be aware that SP1 is now a default update unless you uncheck it! Two of my coworkers found that out the hard way.




Had a couple of issues with some computers here at work. We had 1 of our Lennovo Laptops become unbootable, and we had a desktop here become unbootable as well (we reloaded it and it was overdue for that anyhow).

I, personally, did not have any issues whatsoever when I updated my machine to SP1.



Wow. I had no issues at all. I updated two machines, one 32-bit and one 64-bit. The update went without a hitch and was pretty quick. I guess I was lucky.

But I must say I really don't notice a difference.



No issues on four systems with Home Premium, and one netbook on Starter. All updated without a hitch.



I'm having lots of issues with this update at work.  Had 3 PCs with the fatal error 0xc0000034 hang.  I used the steps in the link below to fix those:  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7itproinstall/thread/1c9a7151-b48c-4a98-aae7-a4b82682ea8e/#bcabda57-7338-499f-aee2-d708e76df315 (I find this method much better then what's posted in the MS KB)

Had another workstation where Visual Studio 2008 kept crashing with SP1 installed.  Didn't have much time to troubleshoot that one, so just rolled back the Win7 SP1 update and everything back to normal.

Another workstation, the update just flat out failed, got an invalid character error.  Thought maybe instead of trying to install it through Windows update I'd download the full update and run the installer myself, but it failed also.  Just decided to keep it off that workstation for now.

Other then the ones I mentioned, the other 20 or so PCs in the company updated fine as did my home PCs.  But all in all, these are bugs that should have been caught prior to release.  Hope they release an updated SP1 update, cuz this one is f#c!ed



no issues here



I've noticed that it takes a lot longer to install than any other previous service pack for some reason (even longer than Vista SP1), but other than this, it hasn't had any noticible effect at all on any of my computers.



Yes, It took too long to install. After it was donr it went very well.  Computer performance is up just a little on my computer.



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