What's New in Windows 7? A Sneak Peek at the Pre-Beta Reveals Some Surprises



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I'm with atomaweapon, stop with the "new" features already and clean up the code. Make the operating WORK BETTER AND FASTER. Stop with the BLOATware already.

Improved Bluetooth support? Why? New Taskbar? Why?



1) stop f-ing with the task bar! It's not broken and I don't need it to do anything else. 


2) bluetooth was a bad idea 6 months after it's release, I don't need improved suppport for it, I need a new method. The only thing that makes it's implementation more appealing is the concept that some lame brain decided that the bright blue flashing light in everyone's bluetooth earpiece should be turned "on" by default!


P.S. if the action center is as useful as the other diagnosis system talked about on this site a few days back...I'll install with it disabled, thank you.

Wouldn't we all just love to hear microsoft say "we finally put the settings you change most often in convienant and logical places, not buried 7 layers deep under an un-related process, filed under an obscure name? We've only been complaining about this for the past 6 operating systems guys!


(on a different note, how come posts omit hard returns now?)


"There's no time like the future."



I don't really care about any of those features except pure speed. If vista was "faster" than xp I'd be usingit right now.

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