What's Happening with BFG Tech?



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... that things were worst than was being reported, and that he would love to help me, but that there was nothing he could do (ie. no inventory, no ability to refund $, no ability to trade out etc.), "he was sorry that I threw $250 down drain, but at  this point he was just hoping to have a job in a few months".  SO, for all of us who bought BFG we are screwed.  I bought an XFX ATI GPU the next day and I am still trying to figure out if I can really fix my $250 BFG brick... er GTX260.   



Fecal Face

My main GPU is from BFG Tech (GTX 295).

Please don't break! *crosses fingers*


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I was more upset when Voodoo folded and Hercules became a pale, non-GPU shadow of its former self.  BFG's just another little bump in the tech companies folding road.  There have been many.



A few years ago I bought a BFG GeForce 6800GT OC (back when they were new) and paid a 20%+ premium over other brands just for that lifetime warranty. About a year later the card died. I called them up and they said they would replace it, no problem! But they sent me a 7600GS (stock-clocked) as a replacement. I told them that I expected their warranty to replace my card with the same model or better, not a card that was lower performance (and it was noticeably slower). I was basically told "life's a bitch, ain't it?" I never bought anything from them again. EVGA or XFX for me.




If in fact BFG is parting ways with the PSU portion of their business, it is only a matter of a short time until they go up in smoke. This is very sad indeed. When they announced the end of their video card department, it affected many! I have purchased several of their products throughout the years, and have always had great luck, as they have a great product with supurb support.


I dearly hope that this is just rumor!!



That is really a loss. I have bought a number of PSU's and GPU's from them. I have had to RMA a few over the years. They have always provided great service. I will be sorry to see them go.

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I sent my BFG GTX295 OC/H20 ($800+) back on April 8th, 2010 for warranty/RMA. It has now been three months and still no card. If you email them it takes over a week for a response (they claim email issues on their end as the cause). I found that calling them was the best way to reach them. Either way I still get the same response, “The item is currently out of stock at our warehouse. As soon as we get any in, we will send you your replacement.” Well now with todays news.....Now what do I do????



 About 4 months ago, I bought a BFG1200Watt PSU because of the lifetime warranty. now what.........


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Funny you should mention that, because I picked up the exact same model, for the same reason.

-Paul Lilly



I also purchased that same model last month from Micro Center. I got for about $180, but they still owe me a $20 mail-in-rebate. Too bad I didn't wait, because I just checked and Micro Center now has it for $159.99 with no need for a mail-in-rebate. If they do end up going out of business, I at least hope I'll get my rebate.



Mmmm EVGA lifetime warrents. :3



It is starting to look like they are not honoring there warrantys for video cards.   I had a BFG GTX2801GOC card that I sent in for RMA six weeks ago.  I was told two weeks, then 30 days, now I am waiting on hold for over an hour then the call just hangs up.  I know they are getting out of the video card bussiness, but I bought the card a year and a half ago when it had a LIFETIME warranty.  I at least want my card replaced.  Not good bussiness BFG.



Sounds like they are getting out of business, not just video cards.  BGF was good stuff, but it sounds like they are not going to make it through the current economy.  A lifetime warranty is only as good as the company, if they can't stick around then the warranty doesn't matter much (granted you would have thought BGF was safe).

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