What's going on with Voodoo? Founder Rahul Sood Gives an Update



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I have previously stated on this site:

HP played a joke on all of the former Voodoo enthusiasts after Rahul
sold out.  We were lured to purchase the Blackbird 002 based on the
Voodoo reputation just to be dropped like hot potatoes once the 1 year
warranty ran out.  The Firebird is a sickly looking child of HP with
diluted Voodoo DNA.  Shame on HP for so ruthlessly destroying such a
great name in computers and shame on Rahul for lending his name in
support of HP's behaviour.

There is no way I would ever purchase another "Voodoo" from HP.  They are not worthy to use the name or  logo.  Rahul knows better.  Shame on you Rahul!



So Voodoo's contributions will be less visible now? What a mess. What ever happened to that gaming PC with the aluminum case and the layout turned 90 deg? Will there ever be a flat out, balls to the wall Voodoo PC ever again? Is the Blackbird and Firebird as good as it will ever get?



"HP has kept the Alienware brand highly visible"


Isn't Alienware owned by Dell?


Ryan Whitwam

Thanks for the heads up. My fingers just got a bit ahead of my brain.

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