What's the Easiest Way to Get $1 Million? Ask For It on YouTube!



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I remember a news story a while back where some guy supposedly spent his last few hundred bucks buying space on a billboard asking for a job. It got a bit of buzz from local TV news and in the end a radio station in the area ends up offering him a job. Turns out later that it was all engineered by the radio station to generate publicity for their new incoming DJ. I'm not a conspiracy wacko, but when I hear stuff like this, I wonder what are the odds.


BTW, in keeping with the spirit of the past few comments post. You guys should have a contest and the winner should get 60 seconds to raid your storage closet of old discarded PC parts with a shopping cart.



Dear Max PC,


Please give me the computer you just built for the Silent Gaming PC post. Come on, one PC? For you guys, its like asking a McDonalds for a single free cheeseburger.


If you want to send me a free PC, contact me at marselsipod@gmail.com :D



Gorden plz give me all the old (and by old in your guys standerds i mean couple of months) computers so i can set up a folding@home room in my house, ill get us to the top of the ranks!



No Joke, I was going to do this a few years back. I was literally punching myself as I read this article and still am! It's ok though, I have other ideas. Now that I know my ideas can actually pay off, I'm off to China to open a chain of hotdog stands. You laugh now....Just you wait!



Maximum PC ,


Please give me your Dream Machine 2010! Not sure what I would do with it. Probably run a crap load of virtual machines and do crazy amounts of folding@home. But...Please give me your 2010 DREAM MACHINE! thank you :D

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