What's to Become of SandForce and How Will It Affect OCZ?



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"must of had"?  Really?




 I'm in the market to replace the four 250GB drives in my 4-bay NAS.  A couple of months ago I started scoping out prices but didn't write anything down. This month, i'm still looking at the same size drive (1TB and 2TB) but the prices seem A LOT higher......

 The whole OCZ / Sandforce drama is interesting though.  OCZ made a pretty bold move by moving the majority of their focues to SSDs anyway. Granted, OCZ has always catered to a small percentage of the PC 'hardcore' crowd anyway. But SSDs aren't replaced as often as mainboard memory, and while many folks are making the transition (I just put an Intel 510 in my Alienware) the markup on these things must be pretty high if OCZ can stay afloat. 

Wonder how many units they sell each month?!

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