What You Need to Know about the Google Nexus One



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much faster and smoother than my G1

it doesn't drag when i play music or run turn by turn navigation

and on wifi it may be faster than my netbook! all it needs now is flash



The fact that AT&T still is not going to carry an Android phone is really annoying.  I keep hoping that's going to change but it's probably because of some proprietary contract they have with Apple to carry only the iPhone.... but that makes no sense since I have LG's Vue so I don't get it?

Personally, I think this thing where a specific phone is available for a specific ISP is really horrible and should be done away with.  It's really annoying.  If I want to continue with AT&T and have an Android phone I should be able to have that!  I'm sure as hell not going to pay $530 for an unlocked phone and no access to the 3G network. Ludicrous!! 




 Though you should keep in mind they'll be mostly like this


 And at att's site 


  they say that they are going to have their own app store type thing or that was from somewhere eltse as i can't find it there now but they really aren't android phones exept that down under the covers theres some part of them that are

 AT&T Sucks

 Stupid cheaper family plan that no one will switch 





What I hate is that this won't come out in Canada for a while, I'll probably already have a phone by then since I need one.



This the 2ND smartphone with a 1 GHZ CPU and the 1ST SMARTPHONE FOR TMOBILE!!!!!



I will stick with my Palm Pre, as it has more total storage and functioning multi touch. Why include a feature than disable it? Being in IT I can already see this phone will not be supported by IT departments for a numnber of reasosn, one being that the Android OS does not allow for remote wiping from Exchange, two, the storage (even with SD card) is to small as I have employess who Exchange mailboxes exceed 4GB now, and three, working for a law firm courst do not allow phones with cameras since 9/11 so this would be confiscated. At least with Palm and Balckberry you can order their smartphones sans camera.



I too have a Palm Pre and love it. I just Hope Palm can get thier act together and add features that were implemented in most phones 5+ years ago. I just don't like Google and all it's crap especially the cloud. It has already proven to be a discomfort when there's an outage for more than just a few minutes. I will always continue to hard back up all my files/contacts to my PC in multiple locations for when those outages occur. 



connected to the Internet, and in Google's "Cloud."  I think I will pass.



"Google’s going to try to get this thing called a “superphone” instead of a smartphone. We don’t think it’ll catch on."


I'm shocked they wouldn't go with "Mega-Phone"., or, given the 1ghz Snapdragon processor, "Gigaphone"...unless they're trademarked or something



...is a travesty.


Please deposit your pride, life, and other garbage in the receptacles at the back of the theater before you leave. Thanks!



Engadget's review says this phone pretty much sucks....LOL



Yea, cuz Josh is an iTool.

I have one and it stomps any other phone out there hands down!



I don't know what kind of pencils you guys are using, but mine certainly aren't .45" thick.  The one on my desk is more like .25-.3" thick.



Can't wait! Seems like overnight shipping is free.

My G1 is on it's last legs and needs to be retired.
Not sure if I will survive without the physical keyboard.
We shall see.... Gonna download the SWYPE  Beta to ease the pain.
Android is really picking up steam!




So far, looks pretty meh to me.  I guess it's nice compared to other android phones, but it is not giving me the knockout feeling for taking on the iPhone.



Have to agree. Meh. I have a Blackberry and there is nothing about this phone that would make me want to give it up.


nsk chaos

1GHz Snapdragon processor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy shit! <3<3<3<3<3<3



Gizmodo's live feed states that apps right now can only be installed
to the internal storage for 'piracy reasons', not 'privacy reasons' as
was stated in the article.


from Gizmodos live feed

Q: Why 512MB for app storage only?
A: They store apps in the internal ROM and not on the SD card now, for
piracy reasons, but they will offer an upgrade soon for installing apps
on the SD card.


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