What Will Nintendo's Wii 2 Console Pack Underneath the Hood?



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"Same as, or a little better than" should help sales with those expecting better graphics but I would hope they would aim for something higher in order to keep up. Rumor has it the new Sony and Microsoft consoles aren't coming until 2014 but when they do "a little better than" will put it back a lot. Nintendo has never focused on being supreme in the graphics department so it's not unexpected that it will lag behind, but I think they would do a lot better in sales if they could up graphics and features.



TBH, the Wii has sold many more units than the PS3 and Xbox 360, so I don't think most gamers who would buy a motion-control-oriented console (i.e. the more casual sector and younger gamers) want to pay more for better graphics. Remember, using a faster CPU and GPU means it would cost more, and one of the main sales advantages of the Wii is that its cheaper than its competitors.

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