What Recession? Online Shopping on the Rise



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Of course that online shopping is on the rise! It is very easy, fun and it doesn't take a lot of effort. I personally love it. I started to do more online shopping after I came back from my vacation in Singapore. Singapore shopping wasted me. I went to so many shops and when I got back to the hotel I was very tired. Then I decided that online shopping is the best!



I love shopping online! It’s easier and faster. I buy clothes, gifts and cosmetics. The last thing I bought is an Acqua Di Gio perfume, and I can’t wait to receive it to see how it’s like. I’ve never used it before. That’s what I wanted to point out… there are things you buy not knowing if they fit you properly. I guess that’s the only disadvantage.



I am not surprised about this finding, most of the people i know are shopping online on a daily basis. Perhaps the recession is one of the reasons why they act like this, you can get better deals online, various discounts and offers. Even i choose to buy most of the items i need using the internet, food is one of the few things that i still buy directly from the market.



Well, depending on where you are, pay 10 plus percent more per item or not....  Depending on the cost, 10 plus percent more than covers the shipping and handling.  However, I forsee a lot of internet companies failing once a universal type of tax coverage goes in.



I did a significant amount of my shopping online anyway, but after California recently jacked up its sales tax, I've been making a point of buying nothing other than food and gas from local retailers.



I do all my non essential shopping online. The only things I don't buy is food or clothes. I don't have to deal with crowds of people. Its easier to comparsion shop. I can do it at 3am in the morning. No pushy sales people. the list could go on and on. 

Dictated but not read



I agree.  I'd also add that for me, I live in a small town.  This leads to 3 things-

1, Many things that are available to larger cities are not available in my town. There's not even a store within 50 miles that carries home theater components, or any specilty computer items

2. As nice as it would be to support the small "mom n pop" stores, it's a recession, and no one can afford the $ to pay their extra overhead,

3 Because of the recession, and this abovetheory, all the local businesses must close, forcing us to choose either a 100 mile drive to the city; wasting gas to go where where taxes are higher, or shopping online.  In the last year, there have been over 20 businesses on my downtown strip closed down, several of which have been part of the community for decades.

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