What Impact Will Seagate's Acquisition of Samsung Have on the HDD Market?



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All I gotta say is this: 1: My current warranties on all my Spinpoint F3's best stay right where they're at, and 2: if they ever have to be replaced under warranty, they best damn well replace them with EXACT replacements, none of their Seagate drive crap, especially since 2 of my F3's are in a RAID 0 configuration.



It means that my absolute favorite disk drives The Samsung Spinpoint series will be going away. I just bought SEVEN more Spinpoint 2TB drives for various things. Only $80 each, quiet, runs cool and I have never had a failure in more than 20 Samsung drives that I now own. Get them while they are still available at this absurd low price.



I'll still buy drives other than Seagate, I've had nothing but bad experiences with Seagate drives.


I Jedi

Well, Paul, we can definitely expect prices to go up.

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