What Does the Future Hold for Kinect?



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So far the Kinect's titles are less than impressive. In fact, i'd say they are downright shitty, stupid games. The Kinect's potential is SO much more. I want to see more interactive AI's like the Milo demo. Stuff like that impresses me, not dance games, or other games that involve me jumping around and waving my linbs about like a retarded monkey. I'm sure those games are great for the simple minded folks that are wowed by the initial impression that the Kinect gives. But it's the truly interactive titles that will grasp and hold the audience.



After the resolution update, shrink it down and put it in a cell phone so deaf people can use sign language and finger spelling to communicate (much faster and more natural that texting).



Anyone who associates kinect with minority report doesn't get it. in fact you're on the opposite end of cutting edge, safely grasping the handle, pandering all that unintuitive horse manure to connoisseurs of shit (now in 3d)

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