This is What a $1 Million Cell Phone Looks Like



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I say that if the money was collected legally, then that person can do whatever they want to with it. Who are you--or the government---to decide how much you can make and how you can spend it? If you want to waste the money, then go for it. I'd prefer you use it for a charity (or give it to me), but if you want to buy this, then I don't have a problem with it.



So, when a phone like this becomes obsolete, what exactly do you do with it?  Throw it in the trash?  Send it to a recycling company?  Get its guts replaced with a new phone?

Seems like a royal waste of money.  Like a chocolate sunday I saw on Travel Channel that has real gold flakes on it.  All I could think was "Who the heck eats gold only to crap it out and flush it down the toilet?"  Just seems so backwards.



Actually, your system can digest small amounts of gold, and it's pretty darn good for you. So, it's like you're getting a vitamin-rich sundae!


Exarkun1138 one completely useless phone. What the hell would anyone want with a million dollar phone? This is ridiculous!




It may be a million dollar phone, but if you sign up for the 2-year plan, it'll only set you back $999,800!



Not only is that phone incredibly ugly, anyone who buys it is no doubt a piece of shit human being.  This is a testament to the fact that some people have too much money.  Items of excess like this should have 200% sales tax rates.  Let's face it, if you can afford to drop $1 million on an ugly phone, you can probably afford $3 million.  Then that money should be spent on a public school or sending 50 kids to 4 year colleges.



Totally, if someone has more money than me, they need to give it out to everyone.

Or maybe you should let them keep the money they earned, encourage them to stay in business, and expand their company, hire more people, and make the world a better place. Because it's obvious they are smarter than you are, since they are rich and stuff.

Just because I drive a 5.4 Liter V12 750iL BMW, doesn't mean I didn't work hard for it, and I sure as hell ain't handing out money any time soon to others who are do lazy to work for their own food.

I get it, us evil rich business men are to blame for all the wrong in the wold.... Except we are the ones who invent crap, hire people, and actually contribute to the world economy...



Its not about being obscenely rich (which btw has seldom to do with inventing stuff and more to do with one's ability and willingness to take advantage of people)... its about buying crap like this cellphone instead of using the $ for something more altruistic.



buying random shit like this helps the economy. money don't just disappear.

first money go the company who make the phone(which part goes to their empolyee). then these guys who made like 900k spent their money on stuff, and evenatually the money is spread out to different people. which include those who dont' have lots of money, and working for it. this is why war boost economy. 1 billion dollar make a boom or 1 million dollar buy a phone, no difference.


if somebody decide to spent 1 million on a phone, their choice. they certainly don't deserve to be called "shit bag"



If a company has enough money to throw around to MAKE this product, chances are their employees are doing a pretty damn good job at making money anyway. First poster in the line was simply saying, "If you're going to waste money on overpriced junk just because it's overpriced and a showpiece, then you can afford to give a little more to charity to offset the total waste that came of it." Because, let's face it, if the entire keyset is made of BLACK DIAMONDS, the company making this phone has the goddamn money to pitch around already.



Wow, self riteous at all?

You seem like the type of person who thinks the world is fair and that if everyone did what you did everyone would be rich.  I like that fantasy but it is just a fantasy.  Now while I'm not the type who likes to see people living off the government because they can. I do recognize that it happens.  Just not to the extent you and everyone like you thinks it happens.

Besides not all rich people are evil just salespeople and lawyers.



Not all of them, but the vast majority. If you can afford a $1mil CELLPHONE, then you want for nothing, believe you me. If you have that much money, then you have more than you know what to do with, and having a tax penalty that goes straight to government funding on exorbitantly overpriced things sounds like a damn good idea to me.

Oh, and by the way, "Righteous." Spell Check, dude.

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