Western Digital Wrings Out $2 Billion in Revenue Following Thailand Floods



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i suspected this would happen when I saw prices spike - yet supply was still there.

with the contraction of the available suppliers prices will never come down to the points they were prior to the floods- and the SSD prices are still way to expensive to make them a sound expense.

Sorry - if you are using SSD for OS and Storage then : a fool and his money.....

even for the OS drive an SSD is still to expensive for most people- not for the amount of space you get.

toshiba and fujitsu will be next to exit- pressures are too high, yen is too strong- they will either merge with each other or be bought outright- then prices will go up more



is that both Samsung and Hitachi are disappearing from the HDD market.

Seagate bought Samsung's HDD business, WD bought Hitachi's. The only other players are Toshiba and Fujutsu, and they are small players at that. So we have gone from 4 to 2 major players. We will never see HDD prices go back to the original levels.

In terms of those talking SSD, I agree, but I want a quality 120+ GB drive, and I want to pay less than a buck a gig...


Insula Gilliganis

Built a new computer for my son during Christmas.. all SSD.. no spinning hard drives. Not all the computers in my house need TB hard drives. And as SSD prices fall as well as increase their capacity, WD and Seagate will have to charge less since there are now alternatives.



It helps when you offset the loss of supply with the increase of costs. Hopefully, we'll see those hard drives return to normal...



Seriously. God forbid the company loose any money for a terrible business model- just transfer the cost to all your loyal customers.



Terrible business model? Having a manufacturing facility in a country hit by a natural disaster is a terrible business model and they should lose money for it? You must think a ton of companies have terrible business models.

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