Western Digital Unveils WD TV Live HD Media Player



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It does the job and the price is right.



Harry Popman, I just bought WDTV-Live. It is promising a lot of features. It says, can play most popular formats! WRONG! Most youtube videos I download are > flv format (flash video) The WDTV-Live player does not recognize this as "most popular format" Unless one goes to the lenghty process of converting all flv.videos to another format, you can not play them on WDTV. I wished I had known this beforehand. Does anyone know how to get around this problem? Another disappointment is, it does only come with a CD disk containing the user manual with 173 Pages, NOT a printed version! It is definitely rather complicated and not as simple as they say, it's not "childsplay" (If it was, you would not need 173 pages to explain all)



 Can we finally admit that there is a plethora of Media Players out there? It's as bad as netbooks. Then add servers and NAS for more competition. HTPC for me thanks. Runs everything, plays everything, webs everything.



I have the first version of one of these and I love it.  Just wish they would have added DTS support in this version.  With that said, when I upgrade, I'll be getting the Seagate player since it does support DTS.  Not everyone can afford a fancy receiver and surround sound.



Awww I can't believe WD cheaped-out again on a DTS license. I thought they'd get it right the second time around. Well that rules it out as a viable purchase for me.



Best two paragraphs I've read all day.

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