Western Digital Ships 1TB Standard Size Notebook Drive



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Why not Scorpio Black? I want fast drives, even if spinning. btw I think all the Scorpio Blue drives are 5400RPM, only the blacks are 7200RPM (I THINK, not sure).



By the read of the article, the Blue are 5400RPM. I know many say there is no difference in the 5400 and the 7200RPM, but i totally beg to differ. I notice a huge difference, and i will never go back to a 5400RPM. I just hope they come out with a 7200RPM, for a brand new laptop, i think mine might need an upgrade.



Sounds good and all, do they make one that is 7200RPM? or still have to wait?

With the purchase of a new laptop just weeks ago, this makes me wonder if laptops will start offering 2x 1TB hardrives. 1 for OS operation and the other for storage. I never got that option building mine :(



This will be a welcome upgrade for my PS3.....which is still rockin a 500GB WD Scorpio Blue.....

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