Western Digital Shipping World's First Internal 3TB Hard Drive



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Of a 3TB hard drive, what is it's actual capacity? My 500gb external, I think it drops down to 465gb actual usable (If nothing is currently on it). And can someone explain to me why when I purchased the hd, I only got 465gb usable space? Where did that 35gb go?



Man, after reading this article, I had to go and give myself a crash course in GPT and EFI.


Ahem. now that my brain is back online after trying to process all the new stuff in each, I wonder why we didnt get it years ago on the PC platform (and surprised myself with how little I knew about how BIOS is programmed and its limitations)

And respect the risk that WD is taking pushing out a drive with such specific requirements, hoping it will push the rest of the industry forward to implimenting the advacements needed to support it. (incidentally, the wikipedia is both coarse and out of date on the topic of EFI)

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