Western Digital Shipping 2TB Internal Hard Drive



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I know firsthand Western Digital drives are the most reliable.  Not only is it very well priced, it will actually last you.  Even if Maxtor or Seagate was able to make a considerably better priced drive (which they won't), you'll wish you'd payed the difference when it crashes after a couple years.

That being said I think the green logo is stupid.  Hard drives don't use that much power anyhow.  I'd prefer they just get the most performance out of it at 7200 rpms and keep the wattage as low as they can while doing so.


Keith E. Whisman

The SeaGate 1.5TB hdd retail boxed is selling for $129 at Fry's electronics stores and Web and NewEgg and Tigerdirect are also matching that price.



2 TB in the hard drive industry is 2 trillion bytes, not 2,199,023,255,552 bytes. You're looking at like 1960GB. Still I'm glad this didn't turn up to be a hoax or something.



Still a steal when 1.5TB drives retail at 199


I Jedi

I personally like it and wonder if prices will come down after it becomes available in the U.S.



2 TERABYTES thats what 2048 Gigabytes, or Over Twenty Thousand Megabytes for $250 and you thinks thats two much?

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