Western Digital Rolls Out New Generation WD TV Live with Spotify



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I've got the older WDTV Live Plus and it's nice, especially considering I got it for $89. I have it connected to my router with a very long cable but I can see that the built in wireless will be useful for some people.
One thing I wish they would change is the Youtube player doesn't let you choose the quality. It just defaults to 360p. Youtube also blocks certain videos from being played on TV connected devices which is just stupid. So, I can plug a laptop into a TV and play 720p videos from Youtube but if I'm using a WDTV it won't let me.



I love my WD TV Live Plus that I bought earlier in the year.  This sucker can play most everything that I throw at it.  I just wish that Amazon Instant Video was supported. 


$100 isn't that bad for this device, especially if you wanted built-in wifi.  I don't think it offers enough extras for me to update however.  I'm also wondering why they called this thing "WD TV Live".  Didn't they already have a previous product named that?



For $100 I'm getting two. I have two of the first generation WD live, and after 3 years, I'll pass them on to extended family and get these for myself.

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