Western Digital Reportedly Breeding New Velociraptor Drives



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I dunno

my OS lives on a 74gb raptor and I have a 2tb and a 1tb behind it for mass storage

I can boot win7 ultimate and be working in under a minute, I get past the splash screen in 30 seconds range typically

so yeah they are not SSDs but they are still wicked fast for mechanical drives if you just want to speed up your os you dont need 2tbs for it. In fact massive OS drives slow you down, as you have more room to fragment in my opinion.



I'm typing this using a triple raid zero 74G raptor array...bought them when they first came out and see no need to replace them until somebody can tell me just how long an overpriced SSD will last...something about them slowing down as you use them comes to mind also...




32MB of cache?!?! really? i mean come on there green drives have more then that. and there 2tb black drive is as fast or faster in some test.

if you really want my money... give me a 1tb drive with 128mb cache, sata6 and come in under $250

i dont think i am asking for the moon here. but maybe i am?




Indeed a hybrid drive would be much preferred.



SSDs are ridiculously expensive. It will be years before I can afford to put them in any machine I build. I'm much more likely to use a pair of fast mechanical drives in RAID 0 for affordable speed.


Holly Golightly

I will always love velociraptor. Their cool heat sync makes the velociraptor the most stylish drive in the market. Worthy of showing off. The SSDs just look to plain for my taste. Regular mechanical hard drives are a major turn off. But the Velociraptor is on a league of its own. Faster than other hard drives at a price that is more affordable than an SSD. Making the velociraptor the perfect medium. With that said... I want to see larger sized velociraptors in the market. 1TB to me, should be the standard... Because sometimes 600GB is just not enough. With that said, I wonder what will be their next design?



Yeah, but what would Marx think?


Holly Golightly

Umm, Marx is dead. He can not think of what hard drives I want to get. How about sticking to the topic for once? Gosh, Snoozers the Losers these days. 



Unless they plan on selling these drives at $80, there isn't much room to buy tech that was hot two years ago and no longer has real application value.


Keith E. Whisman

Man they are going freaking backwards here. If they are going to building a mechanical drive then it needs to be somehting like a 2TB drive running at 10,000RPM and be a hybrid with an 8GB SSD built in for speed. There really is no longer any compelling reason to spend the bucks on velociraptor drives.

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