Western Digital Launches RE SAS and SATA Hard Drives for Enterprise



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Maybe it's just me but my storage requirements have pretty much flatlined in the last few years. I used to need a new bigger hard drive like once a year, but not anymore. My 1TB drive from like 2 years ago is still half full (if that). I did get a 128GB SSD after that, but mainly to install the 'currently played' games there.



I purchased 2 passport 1 terabyte external drives 8 months ago and they both failed I hope these drives are better. Both drives were almost full with my movie collection. I no longer trust WD drives



I wonder how SSD's are doing, adoption wise in the enterprise market... I wonder if SSD's are going to be the feature or just a luxury item at this point. SLC is the most reliable option to bad they could not make it cheaper.



most probably they're been adopted more like a 'fast storage' device, so frequently used data is stored there. A database query time can be reduced orders of magnitude if you can put the 'change seldom/read frequently' tables there, I would think.



No love for your 3.5" Blue line, WD?



I'm excited about this, because the more manufacturers that step up and produce higher capacity drives, such as 4tb drives, the better, hopefully, as far as lower prices are concerned.

Also, it puts pressure on manufacturers that advertise 4tb hard drives, external or otherwise, but never seem to have them in stock, SEAGATE.

Finally, I am hoping that it gives some of these companies the courage, or motivation, to step up work on making hard drives greater than 4tb a reality and getting them into production.

It's also way past time for hard drives larger then 1tb to find their way into 2.5" 9mm sizes.

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