Western Digital Introduces Sneakernet Home-Media Device



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Maybe its a little wonky, but I think it actually has some good value.  Unfortunately, my digs do not allow me to run hard wire between my office and the 65" big screen, or the 42" plasma in my bedroom.  I've never heard of any wireless networking gear that can guarantee that I'll be able to stream HD content to both of those TV's without interruption.  This little contraption may be the perfect answer.

Another great use: How do I get my home movies shot with my Canon HD video camera to my TV?  Now its easy: fast transfer to one of my existing jump drives and walk it up to the TV.  No PS3 or blue-ray burner required. Just saved myself nearly $500.  Will I get those things eventually? Sure, but their usefulness has just been halved...

The real neat configuration question would be - are there any NAS units out there that have USB as well that would work with both simultaneously?   You could transfer files to the NAS and then access them from the device via USB, removing the actual "sneaker-net" part of this whole equation.  While its not as immediate as buffering over WiFi, at least the NAS means there would be no interruption once the movie is there.

If the quality is there, I think this could be a very nice head end to a cheap, low electricity consumption 1080p media server.  Maybe I'm being crazy, but if you are going to store all the HD media on a NAS unit anyway for "deep archive", this could really be a cool way to have constant access to it on the big screen.

If there was any way to try that setup in the review, that would be great!  :D




I cannot wait for the review, I got a lot of media on hard drives and it's easier if I had a device like that instead of a single hdd enclosure media player or a small computer.


As long as it can handle mkv files with 720p movies ;)  



In the review can you check if the firmware will be upgradable to include new, and updated codec's for the future.


Also I see people complaining about the lack of network support already.  A simple solution might just be a usb network adapter, since one of the 2 usb ports can be spared.



Awesome idea but this needs to cost less than half of what they're asking. $59 Should be about right.


Keith E. Whisman

Uh... My tv, in glorious 1080p? Sha I wish.... My TV is an analog CRT based contraption. The remote still works and the cable still plugs in the back.

My 75yo dad has a better TV than I do and I'm the tech freak. God life sucks..  

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