Western Digital Enters 3.5 inch 3TB External HDD Market



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Do they still put that awful 'smartware' virtual drive on it? The normal crapware was ok, you could just delete it but that new 'smartware' they put on is intolerable, and you cannot delete it. Ugghh! I've bought loads of external WD drives in the past but I won't be buying anymore until they get rid of the unremovable crapware.


Keith E. Whisman

Wow, 3TB. Thus begins the march up to the Petabyte drive. I remember reading 3001 Oddyssey 3 and in it was mentioned a small box that was large enough to hold the consciousness of a human being. A one Petabyte cube, an revolution in storage that doesn't happen for another thousand years, at least in that book. Well we will have Petabyte drives before 2020.


Keith E. Whisman

double post

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