Western Digital Announces 2.5-Inch 10K RPM Velociraptor



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Does a 10k rpm drive like this draw too much current to be practical for use in a laptop?  Or is there some other reason that WD isn't marketing these in that direction too?



I really don't think this a very big market. On servers they have to compete with SAS, which I don't think they can do. And one the desktop, I can have 2 750gb in RAID for the price of one of these.



It looks the same as the 3.5 in VelociRaptor to me, just without the big heatsink stuck to it. That makes me wonder how much bunk the heatsink is. As Murph said in his article “the drive portion of the Veloricaptor package actually feels cooler to the touch than most hard drives we’ve tested.” We’ll have to wait for the boys in the lab to take a closer look.

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