Western Digital Announces $2.476 Billion in Q2 Revenue



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After all these years and it still costs $200.00 ARP for new 300 GB Velociraptors with absolutely no competition out there for 10,000 RPM HDDs is just adding one more feather in Western Digitals' price gouging hat.



Actually, WD's pricing on everything OTHER THAN Velociraptors is competitively positioned so don't start throwing the gouging thing around so loosely just because you WANT a V-Raptor for 60 bux and can't get it for that.  V-Raptors are rockin solid products. BTW, you can pick up the newer 600 GB version - that is dramatically faster than its predecessor - for well under 3 Benjamins.

V-Raptors are a niche product and priced as such.  Accept that for what it is...

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