Western Digital Acquires Stec to Solidify Enterprise SSD Business



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Bullwinkle J Moose

I predict 2 - 3 years of Enterprise focus before Western Digital takes the lead in embedded SSD's on consumer motherboards

Failure is not a problem if they can simply be switched off to use an external SSD and it would also be nice to switch the embedded SSD for use as a Boot Drive or disk Cache

I hope those Free versions of Acronis for Western Digital still applies when that happens

Then think of the Drones and Killbots that will be used against you when embedded CPU's, Dram, SSD's and Wireless Encrypted Graphics are all embedded on a postage stamp size or smaller

Think of the Drones...
Oh dear God, won't somebody please think of the Drones

Exciting Times Indeed

but more importantly.....
Will it play Crysis?

or will it just become one?

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