WEF: Cyber Attacks are a Top Five Threat, Secure Systems Don't Exist



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Bullwinkle J Moose




 "Instead, the goal should be finding ways for well-intentioned individuals to identify those faults and deploy remedies to end-users before would-be cyber criminals can discover and exploit them."


ummm, isn't that what's happening right now? They are called patches and updates, or am I missing the point?


Bullwinkle J Moose

You are missing the point

Neworked Systems cannot be secured because they are networked

Closed source systems cannot be secured because they are designed from the ground up as Spyware Platforms

For example, Microsoft Windows Spyware records everything you do to your hard drive to be used against you even if your computer never had a network connection if there is ever a manufactured reason to execute a warranted or warrantless search of your property

Networked systems are designed to be vulnerable so the Gov'ts can use the Global Syware Platform called the Internet against you and everyone else and then blame their actions on hackers or systems that can never be patched 

Networked systems are vulnerable even with open source platforms because the Spyware is in the Govt servers and directly accesses the "Hardware" in your system regardless of O.S.

So YES, we have secure systems but the article is technically correct because we cannot keep our systems secure if we discuss them

Anyone who dissagrees with this explanation is a nuttcase who wears a tinfoil hat

YES YOU Caboose!



"There are no proven secure systems, only systems whose faults have not yet been discovered, so trying to overcome 'hackability' may be as hopeless as denying gravity."

I see your statement, and I offer my counter evidence:




Unfortunately, most critical systems still lie within reach of the Internet. Plus, physical access still trumps physical disconnection.

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