Webroot SecureAnywhere Reigns Heavy from the Cloud, Light on the Desktop



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Nice, but if you're infected with a virus that doesn't allow you access to the web wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a cloud-based AV? What would further compound this issue is that if you got into Safe Mode and the AV doesn't run proper in that mode you'd potentially be screwed.



In theory, SecureAnywhere would protect against threats that might block Internet access, as well as every other kind of threat. There's some offline protection baked in, too. Should you disconnect from the Internet for any reason, SecureAnywhere still examines process behavior for suspicious activity and blocks some malware from running. For all the rest, it keeps a log of the behavior and checks in with the cloud the next time you hop online. If running processes are deemed harmful, it's supposed to roll back any changes that were made.

If you're already infected and without Internet access prior to installing SecureAnywhere, it's probably going to be less effective, though that's fair to say for just about any AV program. It all sounds good on paper; whether or not that translates to real-world protection is something we're currently testing.


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