WebOS 1.3.5 Update Now Available



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Your not the only one! I have the Palm Pre as well and I love it too! It's so much better than my HTC Touch Pro in every way imaginable. I'm sure in a future update the GPU will get tapped and it's speed will become 10 fold. I'm just glad they update as much as they do!



I actually think it's a little odd to find this post here... I mean, I have a Palm Pre and I absolutely love it, but I honestly thought I was in the minority here on this site - don't most people here have G1s or Moto DROIDs or Heros or something?

Now, this update to my phone was quite a substantial one in that the speed was improved (but still doesn't tap into the GPU) and I'm now able to download all the apps I want to fill up the 8GB of storage, so I guess it's nice to see that I would have stumbled upon this update even if I wasn't regularly checking www.precentral.net. 

Thanx, MPC! 


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