We Have the Power! Solar Panel Efficiency Reaches Magical 25%



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Talcum X

 ...isnt anyone developing the kids science project of the 3D cell that even works on cloudy days and all that.  We are all oooing and ahing about 25%...


Every morning is the dawn of a new error.

"In Ireland, there are more drunks per capita than people."  -  Peter Griffin



Until solar panels are cheap enough (or subsidized enough) that *everyone* will have 5-6 on their roof.

 Hello seriously-reduced-strains on the power grid.



how do you compute how much electricity a solar panel can make? take it's average live span (in hours) and divide the cost of the panel into that?


and I wish I was paying 1.5-2.5 cents/kWh. our electricty is petroleum, shipped from the oppisite side of globe. costs about $0.14 /kWh



All hail our supreme overlord the great burning sky god! May you shine your life-giving rays upon us, and bless our 200W GPUs! ALL HAIL!


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