WD Launches Versatile Network Media Player with 1TB HDD



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I have a friend who got one of these. It plays all the formats, ISO,mkv, etc.

What REALLY make this great is that it comes with a "scraper" that will seek/pull metadata from the web, and store it in XML format. It's PRETTY to look at, and the wife loves it.

Interface looks fancy like AppleTV or XBMC, remote makes sense, keeps things simple and usable.It also serves up DLNA to your PS3/XBOX/etc

I can't over-stress the "wife appeal" factor on this box!



I've owned a couple different players but my favorite by far the last year is Argosy HV335T Media Player.  This thing plays everything I've thrown at it, including dvd iso's from my Windows Home Server (and full dvd menu function!)  Like ths WD player it also has an internal HDD, or you can buy empty and put in your own. I have this hooked up in my theater room and use it daily.



We need more devices in that area! I am wondering how it would hold on against google tv and boxy box... And missing wi-fi is not a problem at all - did you tried to stream video over wi-fi? Did it really worked well?



I've tried to steam videos to a number of devices (using both 802.11b and n), and all of them have resulted with limited success.  It's much easier to use power line ethernet and connect them.  I hate the wires, but I love the bandwidth.  Right now I use a Brightview CinemaTube, and I've had few problems.  I'm looking at a couple of other devices, including the one in this article and the Logitch Revue.



with my 360 but having Wi-Fi as an added option is always nice.

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