Watch Out! Regulations Make Retention of IMs, Texts Compulsory for Businesses



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The myBoxTone Expert BlackBerry application provides enterprise smartphone users with a variety of intuitive, on-device troubleshooting tools to address performance issues without a trip to the help desk, potentially saving time, boosting productivity and cutting tech support costs.


<a href="">hipaa</a> - hipaa




It would be a big step up in journalism if it included some sort of verification to substantiate the claim.  It is not univerally understood that the referenced act requires such broad level of retention.



HIPAA requires the archiving of electronic communication. It also requires content control (scanning and blocking of messages that has patient information in them)so that personal information is not sent to the wrong people. I believe this software solves both of the issues for smartphones.



I work in the pharmacy and deal with HIPPA on a daily basis. I fail to understand what HIPPA (which deals with protecting privacy in health care) could have to do with saving IMs and text messages. Seems like a security breach waiting to happen... can anyone name a bank that hasn't "lost" thousands of passwords/social security numbers/DOBs/account info.  I could rattle off all the "authorized providers" but i don't remember LiveOffice, Akonix Systems or Onset Technology being on the list

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