Washington Post's New Guideline to Curb Staff's Twitter Escapades



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The press has been in the pockets of big business since forever.  Anyone see "Conspiracy Rock," the mock psa that was played only once on NBC?  Ever wonder why the media is limited to pro-business, super probusiness, and extreme pro-business?



I don't believe there is news source anywhere in this country that
is unbiased, and if polls are to be belived neither does hardly anyone else. A better indicator might be that newspapers are going bankrupt and "The Evening News" on the "Big Three Networks" is getting beaten in the Nielsons by RERUNS of the Simpsons on Fox!

We don't have news we have thinly veiled political opinion
masquerading as news

Every time the major media tries to sell the public on the idea that every word they print, speak or show does NOT reflect their editorial bias, be it "political racial, sexist, religious or other bias or
favoritism", they simply lose more credibilty.

The very idea that they honestly think anything could FURTHER
"tarnish our journalistic credibility" is ludicrous, the fact that they
expect the public to actually belive they have anything even vaguely
approaching integrity is just plain insulting.


P.S. Please note, I don't care if the source is Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist,
Communist, or ALIEN. Nor do I care if it's ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News,
CNN, the Tribune, the Times, People or the National Enquirer, all of
which are about on an equal moral plain. I'm old enough to remember
Edward R. Murrow and these people who claim to be his journalistic
decedents are nothing more then snake oil salesman by comparison.


American by Birth, But Southern by the Grace of God.



 nothing new here. Before the interwebz journalist had the same restriction when theywere quoted in self/3rd party publications.

Coming soon to Lulu.com --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.



yawn web2.0 blows.

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