Washington Post, NPR And The Guardian Take Up Wikipedia's Slack With #Altwiki



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Strange wikipedia.org isn't blocked out to me (Js is on). I figure certain DNS servers might bypass it.



While we all try to find ways around this lets not forget the entire point was to raise awareness ---- not to hide the answers that the wiki has...

While you're avoiding the JScript in order to get your answers, make sure not to overlook the realism of what you would have to do if the Wiki were gone...

You wouldn't be able to simply disable javascript, you'd be reduced to asking your questions to individuals or groups of individuals and awaiting them to manually respond. Wiki is blacking itself out to demonstrate the negative impacts of SOPA and raise awareness in how they actually affect end users --- rather than just 'discussing'



Even simpler, just hit ESCAPE while the page is loading



it's even easier than that, just disable javascript. All wikipedia is doing is a redirect to the blackout page by javascript.



If you want info from Wikipedia you could just follow the directions FROM Wikipedia:

Is it still possible to access Wikipedia in any way?

Yes. During the blackout, Wikipedia is accessible on mobile devices and smart phones. You can also view Wikipedia normally by disabling JavaScript in your browser, as explained on this Technical FAQ page. Our purpose here isn't to make it completely impossible for people to read Wikipedia, and it's okay for you to circumvent the blackout. We just want to make sure you see our message.



I know right, they have the directions right there and they can't even follow them? no wonder they need to use Wikipedia everyday instead of figuring things out using logic before going there.



Hell, you didn't even have to disable JS. All you had to do was hit the stop button while it was rendering, and you were good.

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