Warner Bros. to Rent Movies on Facebook, Netflix Shares Stumble



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Unless they have a different selection I would have a hard time paying $3 for a rental when I can get it from Redbox for $1 or through Netflix. I mean seriously, video rental stores charged almost as much and look what happened. I'm sure people would be more willing to pay $3 since they can get it online but the price still matters.



Were it not for Facebook's ability to sync events with my phone, I would probably not use it more than once or twice a month.  I don't have Netflix, but if I ever get it, it will be because I can stream the video via my PS3 to my television.  I'm not interested in watching movies on my desktop PC, awesome tho it might be.




Seriously? Tank? While 5% is nothing to sneeze at, and Netflix has to keep an eye on anything that causes a 5% drop and think about a response, a 5% drop is hardly "tanking". They make it sound like Netflix is about to consider chapter 11.

I, for one, use Facebook only occasionally, and only to communicate with some friends and family. I don't play games there, or use any of the ridiculous apps. In fact, I get a little giddy whenever I see a new post on my newsfeed from an app because I just love blocking apps. THAT has become a bit of a game for me, finding new apps to block. So, no, I will never rent any movie on Facebook. In fact, I doubt I will ever rent another movie again, beyond my subscription to Netflix.



Yeah, and then Facebook will tell all my friends that I'm watching this movie or something stupid. This is a great feature for teenagers who others who care a lot about their social image, but outside the target market, we just don't care. For someone who doesn't spend all their time on Facebook, watching a movie on Facebook is one extra step instead of one less. It's quicker for the rest of us to just load up NetFlix.



Agreed. I am sick of Facebook. I even steer clear of my account and am close to deleting it. Netflix is pretty nice and I see no reason to not use it. Other options are good to have, but anything to do with FB I will shun.

Which brings me to my latest peeve of sites linking their logins through FB. I'm looking at you MPC!!! ಠ_ಠ

Lose the "Publish To Facebook" tickbox!!!

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