Warner Bros Offering Made-to-order DVDs from Its Film Archive



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Keith E. Whisman

Aren't these the movies that are in the $5 dollar bargain bin at walmart? Abott and Costello? At WalMart. The Three Stooges? At WalMart. 



Anyone know what file format it comes in if you buy the download?  Just wondering if I would be able to burn my own DVD copy or if they lock it somehow.  Thanks in advance.



Their site says you need Windows Media Player, so I am assuming the videos are in DRM'ed WMV format.  Probably standard definition as well.  They have some sort of media manager they want you to download too. 

They say you can burn DVD's, but it looks, flaky.  They say that you can burn a storage copy (which sounds like burning the WMV to DVD), and apparently you have to buy some special burner to burn a DVD you can watch on your TV.

Seems like a lot of work to get an electronic copy of a movie that's not much cheaper than a DVD.   However, if it's the only way to get certain movies that you want to see...

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