War on Korean Peninsula Could Have "Catastrophic" Consequences to Electronics Market



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I think we should bring more manufacturing back to the US. I am lucky enough to work for a company that still manufactures in the USA. Besides most of the engineering happens in the states than gets outsourced for mass production to other countries. We cant all be sales persons and sustain a growing economy... we have to make things like how this country was founded on high quality manufacturing.


Renegade Knight

Given the complete lack of pay keeping up with productivity gains and the dollar being worth less and less. Wages in the USA are not the barrier they used to be when it comes to brining back manufacturing jobs.

Even Apple the king of outsourcing everything (including some of it's lauded design prowess) is considering bringing back some manufacturing to the USA.

But...don't hold your breath. The USA also has draconian environmental laws (beyond merely don't pollute which is addressable) that get in the way. Certain gun finishes for example can't be done in this country. Ironic given this countries affinity for guns.


Bullwinkle J Moose

I think "we" should bring more manufacturing back to the US.

Who the hell is "we" ?

"we" have enough problems here with corrupt Federal Judges locking up innocent people based on perjured testimony by FBI agents

"we" can't make a dime on our own inventions when organized criminals drown out the individuals voice and call every invention "their own"

"I" can prove what I have just said in any "Legitimate" court of Law

but your "we" are not listening

"We" need to kill the criminal Judges, FBI agents and Corporate Criminals in America before "we" have a voice on a level playing field

When "we" finally have the same rights that "you" demand, yet deny "us", then we can talk

Otherwise, F&%K "your" "we"

You are the enemy


The Mac

oh boy....get your tin foil hats ready...


Bullwinkle J Moose

Oh, I almost forgot the shill attorneys...

Does anyone need to die more than shill attorneys?

Let's not forget them or the Court appointed Doctors who would pump "us" full of drugs untill "we" unwittingly sign away all our rights so "our" cases will never be heard by the public and the shill attorneys reap the bounty that should have been "ours"

Truth is stranger than fiction

F*^K "YOUR" America

We ain't yer slaves Bitches

This is "our" Country

You got a problem with that?

How about "YOU" FBI Special Agent Robert G Schmitz?

It's amazing that you could perjor the testimony of Carlton County Sheriff Dave Seboe to have an innocent man locked while Seboe's actual statement is on file at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and directly contradicts your testimony

It sure sucks trying to stop extortion, blackmail, murder and other serious crimes in Amerika only to have the criminals in Government cover it all up with hundreds of other crimes while they only investigate those who try to stop them

Go figure


The Mac

only way that is going to happen is to ablolish minimum wage and effectively increase the working poor class.

USA just cant complete with the labor costs, and regulatory restrictions for developing countries where their cost of living is a fraction of ours.

You cant give enough tax breaks to make it profitable if you tried.

would you pay $1000 for your iphone? vs $600 for having it made in Taiwan?

even if you were willing, do you think apple could sell enough iphines at that price point to increase shareholder value?


if it wasnt for the millions of undocumented workers in this country, a whole hell of a lot more industries would be shipped overseas.

Just ask anyone in the meat packing industry in northern colorado...if you can find anyone left.....



One of the dumber articles posted on this site that's for sure. How about the catastrophic lose of life associated with a full scale war? That is more of a concern to me than getting the latest electronics at the lowest price.

LOL at this comment:

"Such a scenario could bring about a quick and significant impact on consumers."

Yeah rounds to the head make a 'significant impact' to the consumers head.



If we could make money by making this stuff in the good ole US of A then we wouldn't have this worry. Not that it is much of a worry ;)

As I was always told, the Korean War never technically ended. Perhaps it is time that we remedy that. Among other things, bring the Pueblo back home.



N. Korea is lead by the son of an ultra-nationalist. If this leader follows his father's convictions, he is unlikely to bomb S. Korea spontaneously.



Does the world really need a few million phones thrown in the garbage over the next few months?

Oh, and f*ck North Korea.



Since we get most electronics from South Korea, the only really threat from NK would be able to hit their facilities. If war broke out, they would still be able to ship goods because they would have USA support. Sure it might slow down a bit but not enough to cause a significant impact. Unless, NK decides to launch 1000 missiles at a single time and hope they hit something.



NK has enough artillery aimed at Seoul at any given time to destroy it. You're also not thinking about how many of these factories would be re-purposed to make war supplies for the duration of any major conflict.



I think this is just scaremongering to drive prices up. NK knows China is getting tired of this and if you ask me, the South Koreans and Americans would lose little sleep if they paved over Pyongyang into a giant supermarket.



Agreed. Barring political thumb-to-ass shoving, a war with north korea would be quick and cheap compared to iraq and afghanastan. Trade wouldn't need to be affected because NK ships wouldn't make it out of north korean shipards and their planes would be destroyed on the ground.



Sure it will be cheaper than Iraq and Afghanistan but it will still be around 100 billion dollar plus. Occupation ain't cheap.



In this case I have a feeling that South Korea would be more than happy to occupy the area with the UN's support. The UN's a joke of a military but does pretty good with infrastructure support now a days. The US wouldn't have to brunt too much of the cost. (Plus if anyone complains we could just recognize that it belongs to Japan and really make sh1t fly. ;-))


The Mac

Pretty much this.

I dont really think there anything to worry about.

Its just a kid posturing trying to keep his country (or himself) relevant in a world where they are increasingly irrelevant.



Of course, we say this, but talk is cheap. Wasn't viet nam supposed to only last a year or so? It's also possible that China could back the North and really reap some havok.



China relies too much on USA and its allies buying cheap "Made In China" crap to risk it all over North Korea. Just imagine if China declared war on the USA - "Yeah, you know all that American debt you bought up? Well its yours now, go piss yourselves"

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