War Everywhere in March’s 20 Best-Selling Retail PC Games



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Where is my new L4D DLC!!!!   Damnit its the only fps game worth playing right now but it needs more VS maps!!!


Can't wait for Surival mode.



I bought Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X last month. I'm a fan of it. Depends if you're into that kind of game or not. I'm really looking forward to: Ghostbusters, Wolfenstein and Modern Warfare 2 for the rest of this year....so far.



dang that should have made itself into the bargain bin years ago!



1. this is the NPD, thier numbers are completely worthless

2. most of the "war" titles are multiple versions of the same game. 4 of them are just WoW, two are Empire total war. that's 6 out of the 9 bieng only two games



Can be acquired for free? Adunno, my fiancee has all of the sims 2 expansions */shrug* I got L4D as a gift in early march for my birthday, and i bought Far Cry 2. Funny that all of WoW's expansions are selling. I can't believe CoD5 is doing as well as it is, Treyarch ruins every game they get in contact with.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



What the hell is game number 10? Is it some like Nancy Drew knock off? I think you can really see which game companies have their shit together by just looking at how many of the top 20 sellers are followed by "/Blizzard." When Starcraft and Diablo are still on a list, you know they've got their stuff together. 



Why are people still buying the Sims i can't take it anymore AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH(Running around on fire and then jumping off a bridge) . God Damn you Will Wright and EA for producing pure evil, hopefully when he goes to hell the devil will forcefully stuff a copy of the sims up his backside ever morning.



I bought Sins of a Solar Empire and the Entrenchment expansion and Mass Effect within the last 60 days.  Already beat Mass Effect (I chose the Human Female for my porn) and paid for Digital DLs of SoaSE and Entrenchment for a friend so I had someone to play with.

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