Want Windows Live OneCare with a Side of Office? Get Equipt!



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So you subscribe for a year...then decide you don't want to resubscribe...does the software just stop working?  SO now you have all of these documents you can no longer open without either buying or resubscribing - think I'll stick with the boxed version that I can use for 10 years if I want to!



Eh, the subscription model is definitely Microsoft's way of getting continuous income from a single product.  But on the other hand, look how much the same version of Office costs in the retail "boxed version."  According to Microsoft's website, it's a few cents shy of $150.  I think the Windows Live Suite (everything but the Live One Care) is all basically free crap (someone correct if I'm way wrong there).  But then the Live One Care, like Mark (oh fearless author) said, is basically $50 (that's a 3 PC license as well, according to MS). So, let's do some math.  Let's assume that you have a computer and you want to run Live One Care and Office 2007 on them for 7 years.

Option A: Buy retail box of Office 2007, renew Live One Care each year = one-time payment of $149.95 + 7 years * $49.95 = $499.60

Option B: Equipt for 7 years = 7 years * $69.99 = $489.93 = Winner

For the 8th year and beyond, Option A turns out to be more economical (well, this is all ignoring the whole future/present value garbage with the payments being spread out over different intervals...).  But aren't you going to be getting a new software by then?

Personally, I'm thinking about getting this.  I actually knew about a couple weeks ago because a buddy with Circuit City leaked it to me, and I was pretty impressed by the deal.  Still am.



Megaman?  Anyone?  I lol'd!



priceis good. EXcept tha I just bought home and student. I s their antivirus any better than norton or is it worse?



The current versions of Windows Live OneCare and Norton 360 (the most comparable product to Windows Live OneCare) both get good reviews: http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/wloc2.asp (Windows Live OneCare v2.0); http://reviews.cnet.com/internet-security-and-firewall/norton-360-2-0/4505-3667_7-32878997.html (Norton 360 v2.0).

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find a head to head review of both products. If you're running Windows XP, it looks as if Windows Live OneCare will be easier to get running.


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