Want an Easy Upgrade to Win 7 RC? Upgrade from Vista, not Win 7 Beta



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I changed the min client to 6999.0 because I had 7000 when trying to upgrade it would hang on 96% during file installation.  It could have just been a bad dvd burn but I just formated and did a full install on a non modified ISO.



"Upgrading" is always a mistake. Just bite the bullet and do a clean install.



I did a clean install of the Beta when I got it. I will try the Beta to RC 'upgrade' first. If that doesn't seem to be working correctly, I'll do a clean install of the RC.



Straight clean install. 


With all the issues I've ever run into, myself or helping others.. an "upgrade" from one OS to the other has never been a good idea.  Ubuntu has had a more seamless upgrade from one version to the next, but it still has it issues.

Even though you might be using the Beta as a full time OS ( I am on our machine ), you shouldn't have installed so much, or kept so much on the machine to risk losing it all.  Much less risk losing it all on a perilous trip down Microsoft's deadly "upgrade" alley.



I am running WIn 7 on my newly built rig (i7 920 OC to 4 Ghz, 6 Gb Corsair Dom GT TR3XGT 7-8-7-20, Asus Rampage II Ex, BFG GTX 285, 2X300 Gb V-Raptors in RAID-0, 1 TB WD RE3, Corsair HX1000W Etc, Etc).This is a test rig for me as I use my QX6700 set up for work and play. I  love Win 7 so far. Best OS since DOS 3.0 :-) I plan on starting clean with the Win 7 RC1 when it is available.

 P.S. Blasting MS because they are not spending the time and money to make it easy for crybabys to use a new, free (for now) RC1. Stop weining and using language like a 14 YO if you want to be taken seriously.

PS 2, I have been running Vista on one machine since day one, it was really buggy at first but then so was Win 3.0, 3.1, 98 Etc. Since SP1 it has been rock solid. Stop beliving all you read from the Stelth Apple fanbois. It is a good OS but Win 7 has the potential to be great.



Probably a stupid question, but if I do upgrade to the RC (which I want to do badly and avoid Vista like the plague), how long will it be until I have to buy a full version? How does that work? Thanks



I think I'm going to upgrade from a Vista machine.



I'll do a full install. I have evrything i need backed up on a seperate hdd, i have'nt used vista since i downloaded windows 7 beta 1, Now i'm running windows 7 build 7068 64 bit. Way better than vista IMHO. Have not had 1 single problem with this os. Love it



Slightly off-topic, but I lost my OEM Vista disc for my PC a while back, but the CD-key is stuck on the side of my PC, if I download Vista and burn it to a disc, then install it like that (giving my CD-Key) will it work or say the CD-key is invalid?

Also, I heard a while ago that 32-bit vista keys work with 64-bit vista, will my 32-bit OEM key with the 64-bit vista download?

ALSO (Last one, I promise) if I send a mail to the guys who made my PC (In my case Cyberpower UK) will they send me a Vista OEM disc? Despite me having this machine for about 2 years?




PS: Fuck Microsoft, why can't they just let us upgrade from W7 beta to W7 RC without all the hastle? I swear they're fucking retarded 



The sticker with the product key that is stuck to the side of your computer is your license. Call Cyberpower to get a replacement disc. They will probably ask you for the serial number of your computer to verify you are their customer and so they can see which version of Windows shipped with your computer. Most companies like Dell, HP, etc will charge a small shipping fee to send you the disc.



Obviously, from the questions you don't know much, so either make a better operating system then microsoft or come up with better questions


upgrading from and to the same exact operating system has to be a bit tricky if you think about it, they are also doing that for testing purposes



Asus P6T

Core i7 920

9gb Corsair Dominator 8-8-8-24

4x10,000RMP raptors (2xStriped Arrays)


Fatl1ty X-Fi



Don't worry, I will, and it won't be retarded.



Sure you will.



Will the RC be available from the same site that we were able to download the beta from?



Since I just finished building a new bleeding edge PC and installing an OEM copy of Vista Home Premium 64 Bit I would like to be able to just upgrade my current fresh Vista install to Win7 RC without starting from scratch.

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