Wal-Mart Teams with Dell to Take on Geek Squad



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Call walmart support and you get India who will go through a list of steps like you would the cable company or cell phone comany


Press 1 if your computer isnt turning on

Press 2 if your get a blue screen

Press 3 if you think you have a virus

Press 4 if you like to be charged for common since

Walmart just needs to go away in general



I totally agree with DDTECHGUY, he's right on the money.  I'm sick and tired of so-called "techs" at Best Buy and Circuit City ruining REAL tech-savvy people's reputations.  Hopefully Dell actually has full control over this new joint operation and decides to only have qualified people there (not minimum wage idiots) but I kinda doubt it



If they are going to be anything like the other "big box stores" then they are going to hire a bunch of kids out of Highschool who have little to no knowlege of computers ( maybe record scores on xbox ). All I have heard people say about geeksquad ect. is " they tried to sell Me a new computer after they couldn't fix My old one and charged Me $50 to look at it". I (and My friends and Family) are glad I am such a Nerd. LOL!!!

The grass is always greener on the other side.




Wal-Mart tech support. I think that's a sign of the apocalypse.

On the up side, I hear the the first 25 customers in each store get a gallon jug of moonshine and a bushel of pork rinds.




Then, after the moonshine, have a competition to see who can properly seat their RAM the fastest.

The grass is always greener on the other side.




While the jest of this story seems to be highlighting another facet to Wal-Mart's ever growing list of items and services it can offer, it also points out one of the reasons citizen Joe doesn't trust PC repair shops --they think that the 'experts' at Best Buy, Circuit City and now WalMart, know what they are doing. So when they get burned for a few hundred bucks and don't have a PC that works the way they want it, they usually give up and get another CHEAP computer or go "Mac" ('cuz Mac's just werkz'...ya, right)

Wal Mart, Best Buy and the lot of them all pay minimum wage to whomever can hold a conversation and push picture buttons on a screen and perhaps have ONE knowledgeable person on staff (who is never actually AT the store when YOU go in) who is getting paid a couple of bucks over minimum wage.

Sure they can do the 'plug and play' stuff, put the red wire in the red hole, white in white, etc., even pop RAM into a box (provided someone who knows what they are doing gives them the right memory) but real troubleshooting? Not gonna happen.

For years the Geek Squad was a regular source of income for my side business...people would hire them to come fix or hook something up; pay them several hundred dollars, only to have the system crash; something not work, a day or two later...I'd fix it for under $50 and guarantee my work...even when the customer is the problem (PEBKAC anyone?)

And I don't know about Texas, but in California, there's a handful of actual Dell Tech's and they are ALL just subcontractors who have the Dell 'training' (usually they are the HP, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, etc. techs too!) and I know they don't get paid enough per call to buy a cup of coffee afterwards; however, they know their business and are certified.

So, bottom line, if WallyWorld is going to provide Dell Techs, with DELL training, backed by Dell's reputation, then I say, go for it...but if they're just going to bring more pimply faced Halo rejects to the IT world, Fuh-getta-bou-it!



Blow my own chewed food into a bowl and eat eat again than  pay MAL*WART anything. Especially computer services that are so ridiculously overpriced! Next up: Dell*Mart.....computers built by 12 year olds working 100 hours a week in malaysia and outstanding tech support from ex 1-976 -xxx-xxxx sorority fat babes in caracus!!

ThE OnLy wAy 2 pLaY!

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