Walmart Pulls Plug on MP3 Store, Did You Know It Had One?



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Holly Golightly

I sort of download MP3s... Well, it goes like this, I use the Zune Pass to download as many songs I want to listen to. By the end of the month, I choose which 10 songs I want to keep, for free! So I could download 1 million songs for free, and 100% legit too! All I need to do is by a pass from Microsoft which is $15, but for only $15, I get to listen to millions of songs. I definitely say it is a fair trade. I was aware of Walmart's digital service, but I really do not like paying for every single song like I used to do on Amazon MP3, SnoCap, and BeatPort. The prices add up, and become expensive, so I found the Zune to be the most affordable legit solution. 



Being a student who tries to be cheap and doesn't have a lot of money, I typically just listen to Pandora and local radio stations for free. Occosionally I'll pirate it from a site like beemp3. I don't use bittorrent though due to the risk of getting caught.



I like to buy CDs, but when I don't I get a lot of music from Guvera (  It's a really cool service where advertisers pay for your music, meaning you get music for free.  And yes, I did look this place up, and it is legitimate.  I have to say that this is the one time that I had to turn off adblock and saw an ad that I actually clicked



I purchase most of my MP3s from either Amazon or Napster (never had a desire to use iTunes, somehow I keep forgetting about Wal-Mart's MP3 store). And I'm somewhat old-school in that I'm not against purchasing the physical CD and ripping my own MP3s (my last CD, Alpocalypse, was from the Wal-Mart store across the street from my office). Although I will say most of my MP3s actually come from, but since those MP3s are free via the Creative Commons licenses, I don't consider those "purchased". But I would have to say that nearly 2 out of every 3 songs on my MP3 player are from Jamendo.

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