Wal-Mart Decides To Maintain DRM Servers



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With allmusicconverter you can convert anything you've purchased to MP3 files.  Yes it costs $20 but the ability to convert the suck-ass RAX or AAC (or any number of other formats) you've got a license for is totally worth the $20.  Without having to burn songs to CD then rip them back and waste (yes I know how inexpensive blanks are but that's not the point - I'm tired of wasting blanks so that I can back shi@@y DRM music to then rip them back to digital).  It's worth it to me anyway.



Try checking out a program called DoubleTwist. MaximumPC mag featured it in a roundup a few months back and it does the same thing for free. Problem is you have to have a valid licenece, which Wal-Mart will soon be denying us.

 Thanks for reading.



I'll give it a shot.  Thanks for the tip.



You bought and downloaded many, many albums from their service. That means that you'll be spending a long time burning the albums to a CD then ripping them into your computer again. Unless you've already done that already. Really, who downloads songs and only hears them when they're on their computer??. For people like me who only bought a few, it still shouldn't be an issue. I bought 2 albums 1 1/2 years ago from this service for about 20$ and as soon as I downloaded the songs, I immediately burned them to a CD and ripped them back into my computer so I wouldn't have any DRM issues.  I still have the songs in my computer and in a physical CD format. Kudos for Wal-Mart for keeping their clients informed. Other services wouldn't give a $#1T.

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