CES 2013: Walmart Brings Disc-to-Digital Service to Your Home



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I don't like it.

Ultraviolet is "dead on arrival." There is ZERO value in the service. I'll keep ripping DVD / Bluray I legally purchase to my NAS box thank you.



I've rather use Handbrake and put them on my NAS server for free than to pay Walmart $2-5 to just take one look at DVD and/or Blu-Ray collection and key them to my UltraViolet account(which I don't have).



I can make my own digital copy of anything I have right now. The cost of the software to do it is way less than paying $2-5 a pop for Wal-Mart's copy. DRM free at that.



I was thinking this is more aimed at the general public with large collections(100+) and limited technical knowledge. I mean, it's Wal Mart... My dad has well over 200 DVDs. For him, $2 a pop plus streaming may be worth it, versus ripping/storing/serving those movies. Plus the time to do it all. And finding someone willing to do it in the first place, because I'm sure not doing that free of charge. I love my dad, but damn that's a task.



Yeah, no kidding. I discovered ripping movies after reading a MaxPC how-to editorial, back in '08 when Core 2 Duo was king and ripping a que of 10 movies took all night on an LGA 775 MoBo...if you didn't wake up to a BSOD re-boot.

It required several months to rip my collection, after which I tossed a brand new external DVD drive into the trash.

I "legally transfer" parts of my collection to family members and will rip their movies for my own collection, but I will not spend time or equipment on another ripping spree again.

Between Blockbuster, Netflix, Hulu and my own collection, I'm covered. Hauling your movie to town and paying $2 to stream a movie you already own sounds like Facebook has finally taken it's toll on the collective mind.



You have got to be fucking kidding me. The tool at Walmart actually said, "...We see a great opportunity to provide our customers with accessible and affordable tools to help them bring their movie collections into the digital age."

Ummmm... They already are digital, you ass-clown. You'd just like to make money off of transcoding to more portable format using lossy recompression. Wonder-fucking-full.

I think I can do this myself with Handbrake or countless other transcoding software. Save the $2. And not have some WalMart shleprock handle my DVD / BluRay.

Now, if they'll "convert" my VHS copy of (whatever) to a digital copy for $2. We may have something there. Oh. What's that? You can't do that?



Trash. You can't watch it wherever you want, whenever you want, and you damn sure can't have it as a quality 720p or 1080p. You are stuck with their settings and their restrictions.



Do you get to download the digital copy or can you only stream it? Do you actually have to own the DVD copy in the first place, and if so how do they verify that?




You can download the DRM'd copy, yes. You need the Vudu app to play it locally.

You have to own the DVD (or have access to a physical copy) and bring it in to Walmart so they can unlock the UV version on your account.

There's really no benefit to purchasing a purely digital copy on Vudu's site. Batman is $20 for example. You can buy a physical copy for that much AND get the UV version.



Oh man. The 10 free preselected movies are not enticing:
Behind Enemy Lines
Big Trouble Little China
Lethal Weapon
Never Been Kissed
The Perfect Storm
The Producers
The Siege
Valentine's Day
Wrong Turn 2: Dead End (Unrated)



"…when you sign up for an UltraViolent account or link to an existing account."

Cool! Where can I sign up for my Ultra Violent account?





Thank you, Paul. I'll check it out.

It was also a (clumsy, I guess) way to point out to a typo: Violent, instead of Violet. But I see here that you already found out.

Thanks for the reply, though. :D

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