Wall Street Analysts on Edge After Intel Cuts Revenue Forecast



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Here's to hoping that the price of Ivy Bridge comes down because of this. Would be nice to pick up a K-series for under $200...


John Pombrio

I bet AMD wishes they had the troubles of Intel. It will be interesting to see what AMD comes up with when they announce in August. At least they will have all the write-offs for Sea Micro and Abu Daubai foundry break off of the books.
Inventory increases are bad for many reasons. The foundries are tuned to a specific number of dies per quarter and that is hard to change (witness the troubles NVidia and AMD had with GPU production). They keep churning out wafers in order to justify their high costs ($3 billion and up these days).
Intel has very few other customers using their foundries. If inventory keeps increasing, watch how Intel starts to "partner" with other companies to use their strong foundry assets.



Win 8 will flop. Intel's just now admitting it. they know it'll cost too much to bring the touch interface to Laptops and Desktops and that the consumer sector will be pissed because they can't navigate that non-sense of an OS.



Hey! I agree with that Dude!

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