Waiting for an Eee Pad Transformer Price Cut? Don't Hold Your Breath



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I've been shopping around for a tablet and I really like Asus Transformer Pad or the A500 as alternative to the iPad2.

Their base versions are around $399 plus acessories and keyboard, it can jump to as high as $599.

At that price point, I'll rather save some more and get a basic gaming laptop from $899-$1099.

As far a I see what a tablet should be, they're consumption oriented device, should be quick and easy to use, long battery life, and cheap.  Anything above $400 for a tablet is a no go for me. 

Now I think my buying strategy would be for the laptop and ad a cheapie Koby mini-Tablet for $169, Kindle Fire $199, or find myself a cheap e-reader option.



Don't be too sure. Denial's are often followed by action when they finally realize that higher profits are the result. 

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