Vodafone's Paid Navigation App Folds, Unable to Beat Free



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On work trips, nothing beats having my droid there and ready to go for navigation duties



I'll also stay with the car GPS. But the cool thing is, when Google and the like are giving Navi options away for free, people like AT&T will have to stop charging $10 a month for theirs or lose customers.

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 Its the fumble factor. I have the GPS set up and installed in the car with all my way points. Just start the car and go. To have to pull out the phone, set up the dock, turn on the app and wait for a signal before driving off just is too much hassle.

  Sometimes dedicated beats out "capable". My GPS gives me the speed of the car but I would not want to pay less for a car without a speedometer just cause something else is capable of doing the same thing. 



Someday, when I get a smartphone, it will be an android phone their free navigation. 


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so do those who paid for this fail boat get their money back now or do they get stuck with a useless piece of garbage thats only going to be good if you want to commit suicide



  Play till it breaks then learn how to fix it!

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