Vodafone Announces Sub-$15 Cell Phone for Emerging Markets



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You can go with a Motorola-V120e on eBay for the same price. Pros: has 2 less buttons than the vodafone :-)

I'm still using mine. It was the replacement for my previous phone, a Motorola MicroTAC...



The "significant barrier" is not the cost of the handset, it's the cost of the monthly service. Many pay-as-you-go providers offer low cost handsets, starting around $30 -- and they're a lot more modern than this dinosaur.

But the biggest issue is service. Just cause you can afford a $15, $20, or even $30 phone (a one-time cost) doesn't mean you can afford the $40+ monthly service. Find a way to offer a $10-$15 monthly service and you'll really be meeting the needs of the "emerging markets".



Your idea is somewhat correct, but $40? lmao dont apply Canada and United States poor ass cellphone costs to other countries, even 3rd world countries have cheaper/better telephone and internet service than we do. Prepaid for $10 a month is viable in most European countries, assuming you dont make outgoing calls all of the time.



Well that's my point. The cost of service here is astronomical compared to other parts of the world. If you really want to bring mobile access to all you need to address the cost of service, not the handsets.



That's all i really need i wish it would come to America.

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